Assisted Living Facility in Williamsville, NY

Brompton Heights is a senior living facility in Williamsville, NY that provides assisted living, memory care and independent living options for our residents. 100% of our Assisted Living and Memory Care
rooms are licensed by New York State for Enhanced Care, which
means if your loved one’s healthcare needs change, they’ll be
able to age in place, at their own pace.

Your Situation

Are you struggling to provide care for mom or dad on your own?

Being a caretaker is a full-time job. Whether it’s managing your loved one’s medications, cooking them well-balanced meals, assisting them with getting around their house, or making sure they’re active and social throughout the day, we understand the amount of time and effort it takes to fulfill these duties.

Your Solution

Brompton Heights is Your Solution

At our assisted living facility in Williamsville, we have licensed nursing professionals on-site 24/7, not just on call. This means if a medical situation should arise with one of our residents, we will be there to address it quickly and effectively, no matter if it happens at lunch or the middle of the night.

Take a look at what Sharon Kalisz, daughter of one of our residents who just recently turned 100 years old, has to say about the care at Brompton Heights:

A Bustling Social Environment

We have a dedicated recreation department that encourages social engagement between residents so your loved one will never be fully isolated or alone. With round-the-clock activities built into our 24/7 recreation calendar, our community is a lively and active environment.

Dining at Brompton Heights

At Brompton Heights, our dietary services provide three nutritious home-cooked meals per day, all approved by a certified dietician and served in our dining room.

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Our Care Options

Independent Living

An option for capable seniors who are looking to escape some of the everyday hassles of owning a home like shoveling the driveway, taking out the trash, or maintaining the yard.

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Assisted Living

A level of care that seeks to maximize the quality of life and independence of residents by assisting with activities of daily living. 100% of our Assisted Living beds are licensed for Enhanced Care.

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Memory Care

A unique level of care for seniors facing challenges associated with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of cognitive impairment.

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Enhanced Care

100% of our AL and MC beds have an enhanced license through New York State. This means your loved one won’t have to move to another room should their healthcare needs change. They’ll be able to age in place, at their own pace.

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When is the Right Time To Move My Parent Into An Assisted Living Facility?

Has your loved one experienced a fall? Has their health suddenly declined, leaving them incapable of living safely in their current living situation? We know that choosing a place for your loved one is an extremely urgent, emotional and difficult decision. You need to find a place with a caring, stable staff who understands your loved one’s needs. With over 45 years of experience, we’ve guided many families through this transition. Click here to hear from a few of those happy family members and residents.

As you discuss your options for the future, please call Carol Poole, who will help you plan this next step in your loved one’s life.

24/7 Nursing

In case of an emergency, your loved ones will never have to wait for help to arrive. We always have a licensed nursing professional on-site to assist and care for your loved ones.

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Your Home

Our rooms are designed to create a secure, homelike environment while maintaining your loved one’s privacy and independence. Multiple floor plan types are available to choose from so your loved one will feel right at home.

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Assisted living doesn’t mean your loved one has to give up everything. Instead, your loved one gains access to our amenities such as our ice cream parlor, beauty salon/barber shop, activities room, and more!

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Our experienced culinary team prepares high-quality homestyle meals approved by a certified dietician, so your loved one can eat healthy.

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Our goal is to lessen the responsibilities of your loved ones by providing high-quality service and new opportunities for them to enjoy themselves while still allowing them freedom to make their own choices.

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Social Life

Transitioning to assisted living can lead to feelings of isolation or loneliness. We encourage (but never require) daily social interaction through our 24/7 activities calendar, live entertainment, classes, etc. to help your loved one combat these feelings.

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