OCTOBER, 2020– We are now offering scheduled visitations!

As of Friday, September 18th, we are able to host outdoor family visitations. We have been given permission by the NYS Department of Health to allow family members and friends to visit their loved ones in the community. The NYS Department of Health’s most recent guidelines requires that visitation begin only after the facility has reported 14 days of no new confirmed staff or resident COVID-19 cases. We are hosting scheduled visitations outside on our patio for one family member for a 20 minute time period.

Below are the guidelines for visiting the community.  These will be revisited periodically, as we continue to gain guidance from the New York State Department of Health.

Visit Guidelines

• No visitors under the age of 18 permitted.
• Visits will be limited to 20 minutes. This will give us adequate time to disinfect between visitors.
• We are offering 3-time slots a day 10:30 am, 2:45 pm, and 3:30 pm, 7 days a week.
• Appointments must be made between 8:00 am – 4:30 pm from (Monday to Friday) by calling the front desk at 716-634-5734.
• All visitations will be conducted in our outside courtyard
• Please be aware of the weather conditions for the time of your visit, if it is raining, storming, or if the visitor(s) does not feel well, please call to reschedule your visit.
• Same day appointments can be made if times are available.
• At this time, only one visitor per resident will be permitted at a time.
• Each visitor will be required to complete a health and exposure screening checklist upon arrival and have his/her temperature taken by facility staff.
Facial coverings must be worn by visitors and residents in a manner approved by the facility throughout the entire visit
• During the entire length of the visit the resident will have to be at minimum 6 feet away from the visitors (there cannot be any physical contact).
• Resident must be outside of their first 14 days of living at Brompton Heights.
• No animals are permitted at this time.
• Tangible items may not be exchanged during visitation. (We will still permit you to send tangible items to your loved ones as we have been, by delivering to the facility)

Steps upon arrival

• When you arrive at Brompton Heights please proceed to our main lobby with your mask on to be screened.
• Screening will include a questionnaire, a non-touch forehead temperature check, and hand sanitation.
• Once screening is completed, our receptionist will grant you access to the visiting area.

At the conclusion of the 20-minute visit facility staff will escort the resident back into the building.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow visitors into restrooms within the facility. The goal is to allow residents to visit loved ones, but the safety of each resident remains our primary concern.  In many cases, it may still be the best choice to continue with virtual visits as it may be confusing for residents as to why you must stay so far apart and wear masks. Please reach out to our Administrator if you’d like to discuss the best option for your loved one in this regard.

To schedule a virtual visit with your loved one, please contact our Recreation Director Debbie Jerge at djerge@bromptonheights.com or call 716-634-5734.

If you have any questions prior to your visit, please feel free to reach out for clarification.  Thank you for your patience during this time.  I’m looking forward to the day we will be able to eliminate restrictions.

We will continue to update this page should new recommendations from the CDC or DOH occur.

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Brompton Heights is one of the few communities in the Williamsville area that has received approval from the New York State Department of Health to begin family member visitation. For all of the guidelines about visiting your loved one at our property, please click the link below:

Full COVID-19 Precautions and Visitation Guidelines